Klaus Bärner
Rittmar von Helmolt

Terra Entropica

Way out of the environmental crisis

Here we give a new, but very fundamental scientific approach on ecology. Energy consumption, Pollution and economical values are related to the same single universal scale. This universal scale is derived from very basic physics of thermodynamics, i.e. the principle of minimized entropy production in systems that are not in the thermal equilibrium. The authors show how a new evaluation scale could be defined, which is superior to the existing monetary systems becauses it naturally includes ecological factors, which are thus not depending on social or political boundary conditions.

The english translation of Terra Entropica can be downloaded here: Terra Entropica -eng.pdf (158 pages; approx. 2 MByte).
The current version is preliminary, as of December 30, 2003

On this Homepage we give the opportunity to discuss questions and bring this idea forward. All comments to the matter are very welcome under the e-mail-adress mail@terra-entropica.de, which will be checked at least bi-weekly by the authors.

"Terra Entropica" has been published in german language at the focus Verlag under ISBN 3-88349.487-9.